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Elder Conquests

by SpinForbidden, 19 days ago

For the past several weeks, Elders of the Republic has successfully completed mid-sized planetary conquests. Although we're a modest-sized guild composed of members with many real-life commitments many of our members have made a conscious effort to coordinate efforts and focus on conquest goals. For example, last night a significant number of Elders formed an ad-hoc "ops" group, that defeated two conquest-specific world bosses before completing Eyeless, 16-toon mode. Such spontaneous activities have been common in our guild, particularly during the 9 - 11 PM time period, Pacific Standard Time.  A special thanks must be given to our members who have consistently reached personal conquest goals on multiple (sometimes 6 or more!) characters.  

If you are an older player looking for a guild with actual human beings, who are kind, sensible, set reasonable goals, and have almost limitless patience, please look up Elders of the Republic. You don't need to give up anything. You can have fun playing the game you love, and, if it suits your play style, still be successful in conquest.

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Elders Welcomes New Members

by SpinForbidden, 58 days ago

Several 40+ year-old gamers have joined Elders of the Republic in the past couple of weeks. Welcome! You have already been enhancing our community. I hope that we have, in turn, been making you feel at home. Whether you're a fairly new or returning player interested in leveling up your favorite class, or trying a new class, or whether you are an experienced "raider" interested in PVE and PVP end-game content, we hope that Elders of the Republic can provide a comfortable place for you to complete your goals - and most of all to have fun!

So, if you are asking "I just joined the guild. What should I do next?" I would recommend the following:

  1. Please make an account on this website. To do so, you will need our "Launch Code" that you can find on the in-game guild tab. We need that level of security to avoid spammers that troll sites like ours.
  2. See if you can download "Discord", our in-game voice communication. It's free to use and is not too cpu-intensive. Detailed instructions are provided in the "Voice Server" tab on the menu bar of this website. Some of our members do not use Discord, but it is a very helpful tool to relay communications during group activities.
  3. Register one or more characters on our guild website. This isn't necessary, but is helpful if you wish to-
  4. Reserve a spot in a Friday-night training operation. We start getting together around 9:05 PM Pacific Standard Time. We apologize that the raids are scheduled very late for Central and East-coast time zones. No experience is necessary. We're there to learn and have fun!
  5. Visit our sister guild - Elders of the Sith. Most of us have characters on both the Republic and Imperial side. If we don't currently have players on the Imperial side, most of us playing on the Republic side would be happy to loggin and invite your toon(s).
  6. Visit our guild ships and strongholds. Both our Republic and Imperial guilds have strongholds and flagships, lovingly decorated under the over site of our guild master, Celsfalia.
  7. Check with guildies regarding group and endgame-group activities. We love to play!

Thank you for being part of our team. May the force be with you!

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