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16-Toon Temple of Sacrifice Taken!

by SpinForbidden, 50 days ago

Last Friday night, Elders of the Republic cleared the Temple of Sacrifice operation in 16-character mode. The raid group consisted of 15 Elders members and our friend Fe-line from Shenanigans with several players trading out as other commitments were required of them. The operation was lead by our Battlemaster "Nugg" on his scoundrel Prime Radiant with ample encouragement and advice from other senior (pun intended) raid members.

Although most raid members had cleared the content in 8-toon mode, the 16-toon challenge had proven considerably more difficult and had previously eluded Elders of the Republic. Achievements were awarded to all sixteen players upon the completion of the operation.

The quest was epic, with fights sometimes down to the last player. The boss encounter with the Revan Commanders proved particularly challenging and was finally overcome with a battery of five expert Elders healers and some sage advice from Sophia, our youngest Elder. A favorite quote? From Devinity, one of our dedicated raid healers: "Do you know what I did different that time? I focused-healed the healers!"

The entire operation would not have been possible without the dedicated participation of Devinity and many of our new players who have recently joined Elders of the Republic and have made the guild their home on the Satele Shan. If you are a 40+ year-old gamer interested in a community of mature, casually-dedicated players who would prefer to enjoy SWTOR and leave general pettiness at home, please consider joining Elders of the Repbulic. You can look us up in-game under "who" in the "friends" tab using the Keyword "Elders". All of our members have invite privileges. 

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