Elders Eyeless Event


For the first time, Elders of the Republic defeated "Eyeless" the Rackgould event boss in 16-toon HM last Friday Night. "Nugg" lead the Raid with Ehlanna solo tanking the boss first in 16-toon storymode then 16-toon HM. Only one pull was necessary for each successful raid.

Afterwards, the 16-toon raid guild group continued with Toborro's Courtyard and the Correlia event boss. A fun time was had by all with several guild members getting achievements for the evening's exploits.

If you are a 40+ year-old gamer interested in a fun, but mature and sensible group of Star Wars fanatics, please look us up! We usually have players online in the P.M. hours. Search "Elders" in the "who" tab.

Kallinos (Tank-Main) | Kallipolis (Heals) | Tyrtaeus (DPS)
About Elders of the Republic
We are a mostly social guild of older SWTOR gamers. Our members range in age from their early 40's to mid seventies. We have weekly scheduled operations and Warzones, and run Flaspoints and group content periodically throughout the week. Patient, friendly, and fun! Sister guild? Elders of the Sith! To join the guild ask a member. Search for Who "Elders" in the social tab or send an in-game message to Celsfalia. Please be 40+ to apply.
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