Website and Operations Signup


Signing up for the Website, Operations, and other Elder Group Activities

Posted in Discord and on the EotR Website

Click the Link for Instructions:

Celsfalia (Sage-Telekinetics DPS), Celiallia (Operative-Lethality DPS)

Thanks for posting this Cels!


Right. All ready to sign up. Thanks, Cels.



About Elders of the Republic
We are a mostly social guild of older SWTOR gamers. Our members range in age from their early 40's to mid seventies. We have weekly scheduled operations and Warzones, and run Flaspoints and group content periodically throughout the week. Patient, friendly, and fun! Sister guild? Elders of the Sith! To join the guild ask a member. Search for Who "Elders" in the social tab or send an in-game message to Celsfalia. Please be 40+ to apply.
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