February and March Calendar


Greetings Elders!

Conquest Calendar: Below is the upcoming conquest calendar for the next few weeks. Bioware has been very slow to release dates recently. Hopefully the 2018 Roadmap and plans for conquest updates will be published soon. 

Hardmode Operations: Following our meeting a month ago we have started hardmode content. Here is the original working/first pass of the team that Nugg created at that time. Mains: Seeker – tank, Scottie – tank, Ehlanna – dps, Nugg – dps Celsfalia – dps, Sophia – dps / heals / (alt tank), Arizon – dps / heals, Nessa – heals / dps. Alts: Kailisia, Jaebera, Nathan, Lannek, Usso, De-rezz, S’kyi, etc. Alts are VERY important. Many of us have busy lives with our school, work, and families. As adults I know we do not take these things too personally, but we are all in this together. The team will certainly morph a bit we move forward. We have settled on Tuesdays and Saturdays for these attempts. Please note that because of the experience, gearing, and other factors necessary for this content, there is no signup on the website. Instead the leaders draw people into the team to fill absences as necessary. Friday remains a training op open to all. I would urge those guild members who frequently do hardmode flashpoints to continue to attempt the harder content such as Umbara and the master uprisings for practice sake. 

My Absence: Personally speaking I have always found it somewhat disconcerting when the Guildmaster is inexplicably absent, so I am letting you know that I will be in and out quite a bit during February. In fact, from approximately February 14 to 25, I will be out of town and offline. I intend to return as always after that time.  

May the Force be with you!



Special Events

Conquest Event

EoR Conquest

EoS Conquest

January 30- February 5

Patch 5.7a

Titans of Industry

Black Hole


February 6-12

Relics of the Gree

Relics of the Gree



February 13-19


The Balance of Power



February 20-26

Bounty Contract Week 

Death Mark

Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa

February 27-March 5


Total Galactic War



March 6-12

Rakghoul Resurgence: Corellia (click for event info)

Rakghoul Resurgence: Corellia (click for conq. info)



Celsfalia (Sage-Telekinetics DPS), Celiallia (Operative-Lethality DPS)
About Elders of the Republic
We are a mostly social guild of older SWTOR gamers. Our members range in age from their early 40's to mid seventies. We have weekly scheduled operations and Warzones, and run Flaspoints and group content periodically throughout the week. Patient, friendly, and fun! Sister guild? Elders of the Sith! To join the guild ask a member. Search for Who "Elders" in the social tab or send an in-game message to Celsfalia. Please be 40+ to apply.
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