Elders Undertoon Ops


Sunday night, six mature (O.K. most of us are simply "old") members of Elders of the Republic defeated Karagga the Unyielding in a Hard Mode ops. The group included one guardian tank (Kallinos), four amazing dps (Nessarose-Shadow, Celsfalia-Sage, Nathan'Brazil-Sage, and Ehlanna on her toon Tamara Renolds-Scoundrel) and one insane healer (Sophia-sage).

Undertooning operations in storymode operations is challenging enough. Attempting even an "easy" Hardmode operations with six players was a different experience and one that all participants found stimulating.

Noticeable accomplishments? Sophia managed to keep the raid alive by averaging 10 khps throughout most boss fights with some tactical off-heals by Nathan. Nessarose essentially defeated the Heavy Fabricator droid herself while serving as off-tank, and Kallinos, the main tank, managed to get himself defeated during enrage in two of the five boss fights. The whole experience was epic.

Were there harsh words exchanged among the participants? Of course not! We're Elders of the Republic and we're here to have fun, play well, and in many cases, look fashionable. If you are a 40+ year-old gamer who shares this mantra and is looking for a guild, check us out in game!

Kallinos (Tank-Main) | Kallipolis (Heals) | Tyrtaeus (DPS)

Awesome job! Very impressive, especially the puzzle boss. 

About Elders of the Republic
We are a mostly social guild of older SWTOR gamers. Our members range in age from their early 40's to mid seventies. We have weekly scheduled operations and Warzones, and run Flaspoints and group content periodically throughout the week. Patient, friendly, and fun! Sister guild? Elders of the Sith! To join the guild ask a member. Search for Who "Elders" in the social tab or send an in-game message to Celsfalia. Please be 40+ to apply.
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