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Elders Eyeless Event

by SpinForbidden, 25 days ago

For the first time, Elders of the Republic defeated "Eyeless" the Rackgould event boss in 16-toon HM last Friday Night. "Nugg" lead the Raid with Ehlanna solo tanking the boss first in 16-toon storymode then 16-toon HM. Only one pull was necessary for each successful raid.

Afterwards, the 16-toon raid guild group continued with Toborro's Courtyard and the Correlia event boss. A fun time was had by all with several guild members getting achievements for the evening's exploits.

If you are a 40+ year-old gamer interested in a fun, but mature and sensible group of Star Wars fanatics, please look us up! We usually have players online in the P.M. hours. Search "Elders" in the "who" tab.

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