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Welcome New Members!

by De-rezz, 451 days ago

Greetings new members of Elders of the Republic!  As you probably already know, we are a guild of players who are over 40 in age.  That's our common bond.  Here you'll find like-minded people who share a love of Star Wars.

We started in December of 2015.  And we have what has become a 16-person training operation every Friday night at 9pm PDT and it's really a lot of fun.

Celsfalia has written a guide on how to register for the website and sign up for operations here: http://republicelders.gamerlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11730580&gid=521740

We're here to help you learn to play the game, and take it to the next level.  Here is a list of guides that members have written.

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New Guild Leader De-rezz

by De-rezz, 479 days ago

After two and a half years as Guild Leader for Elders of the Republic, Celsfalia has decided to step down. It has been unanimously decided by our officers that I will lead both the Republic and Sith guilds as your new Alliance Commander. Kallinos will remain a co-leader and head of the Alliance Force Enclave. Nugg is now leader of the Alliance Military. We will continue with Friday Night Training Ops. And the last Friday of the month is now an Imperial Op. Celsfalia and Nessa will help us with conquest. As a reward for all of her hard work, Celiallia (Cels) has been given the title of Empress of our Imperial Flagship. Please respect her decision to step down and allow her to focus on other things as she is in transition with work and also moving. If you have any questions please send an in-game message to De-rezz on Republic side or contact me on Discord. May the force be with you!

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Elders Celebrate Halloween with Style

by SpinForbidden, 577 days ago

Last Friday evening, Elders of the Republic and Elder of the Sith guildmaster, Celsfalia/Celialia hosted our first costume party in honor of the festival of Halloween (popular in the United States and other countries). Characters from both Republic and Empire factions gathered before her throne on Yavin IV to await her judgement regarding the relative merit of our respective costumes.

Fun and prizes (supplied by De-rezz) were had by all, with De-rezz, Airizon, and Nessarose winning special recognition for the originality and creativity of their costumes. Afterwards, the guild joined together for a rousing 16-character storymode Dread Fortress operation on the Imperial side, deemed appropriate for the season. This was the second consecutive week for Elders members to participate on an Imp-side operation.

If you're an older player who has enjoyed Star Wars since the 1970's, looking for a guild home with sensible, mature people with a similar perspective, consider joining Elders of the Republic and Elders of the Sith. Please be 40+ to apply.

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