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Elders Celebrate Halloween with Style

by SpinForbidden, 77 days ago

Last Friday evening, Elders of the Republic and Elder of the Sith guildmaster, Celsfalia/Celialia hosted our first costume party in honor of the festival of Halloween (popular in the United States and other countries). Characters from both Republic and Empire factions gathered before her throne on Yavin IV to await her judgement regarding the relative merit of our respective costumes.

Fun and prizes (supplied by De-rezz) were had by all, with De-rezz, Airizon, and Nessarose winning special recognition for the originality and creativity of their costumes. Afterwards, the guild joined together for a rousing 16-character storymode Dread Fortress operation on the Imperial side, deemed appropriate for the season. This was the second consecutive week for Elders members to participate on an Imp-side operation.

If you're an older player who has enjoyed Star Wars since the 1970's, looking for a guild home with sensible, mature people with a similar perspective, consider joining Elders of the Republic and Elders of the Sith. Please be 40+ to apply.

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Elders Double-Header Training Operation a Success

by SpinForbidden, 114 days ago

Elders of the Republic engaged in something a little different in our most recent Friday-night training operation, when the guild attempted both a hardmode Karraga's Palace operation and a storymode Scum & Villiany run. The eight players involved in the activity had completed these operations before, but were able to practice different roles, learn how to run the "puzzle" boss in the hardmode version of the Karraga's Palace operation, etc.

As usual, the operation was lead by "Nugg" whose vocal directions on Discord really assisted in both extended encounters.

Are you an older player looking for a guild home where you have the freedom to explore and learn new roles and game content alongside a group of mature players who are interested in doing the same? Elders of the Republic might be for you. Look us up in-game or send an in-game message to Celsfalia or Kallinos. Please be 40+ years old to apply.

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Elders Eyeless Event

by SpinForbidden, 145 days ago

For the first time, Elders of the Republic defeated "Eyeless" the Rackgould event boss in 16-toon HM last Friday Night. "Nugg" lead the Raid with Ehlanna solo tanking the boss first in 16-toon storymode then 16-toon HM. Only one pull was necessary for each successful raid.

Afterwards, the 16-toon raid guild group continued with Toborro's Courtyard and the Correlia event boss. A fun time was had by all with several guild members getting achievements for the evening's exploits.

If you are a 40+ year-old gamer interested in a fun, but mature and sensible group of Star Wars fanatics, please look us up! We usually have players online in the P.M. hours. Search "Elders" in the "who" tab.

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