Discord Voice Server is our guild's primary in-game voice-over-ip utility. It's a lot like Mumble or Teamspeak, and it's Free!


To join us on Discord, please visit: Get Discord Now and download the app. Our guild server code is: mJZ7wbV


Do you need a mic to use Discord? No! About half of our guildies just use it to listen to the conversation and happily enter responses through the chat window.

If you want to use a mic...

Discord works fairly well, but it is highly sensitive to your mic settings. If you do not have push-to-talk enabled, the guild may be able to hear every keystroke, cough, and random noise in your environment. Everyone on your channel of the server will also hear their speech as an echo. Please use push-to-talk if at all possible.

To enable Push-to-talk

  • Open Discord and go to "User Settings" at the bottom left of your app screen (looks like a gear)
  • Select "Voice" from the "User Settings" options.
  • Choose an appropriate mouse or keyboard shortcut for the push-to-talk feature.


Once you have enabled the push-to-talk feature, you'll need to run the app as "Administrator". This is necessary because SWTOR runs with administrator permissions on our computers, so any key or button you select has to be able to override SWTOR protocols

  • Right click on your Discord icon and select "Run as Administrator"
  • Enter administrator credentials

If you are running SWTOR from an administrator account you might not need to "Run as Administrator".

There are usually at least couple of us on in the evenings (West Coast time). It will be good to hear from you!

Discord Server
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